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Dark Cloud [DC]

Welcome to the DC home website!

Crystal Desert’s finest guild.

For those new to the guild, or considering joining our family: DC is a small tight-knit community, focused on guild-progression and teamwork. We are a PvX guild that enjoys all aspects of the game, with our five fun weekly events! Join in on the festivities (including, but no limited to) Guild Missions, Raids, WvW Nights, Plug DJ Night, and much, much more! We have been around since the first 5 minutes of GW2’s headstart, and have been playing together ever since!

For all our members: the site is a great point of reference for all things guild related: Such as, Upcoming events, Perfect’s Blogs, Discord Info, The Guild Forums, Guild Rules, or even how to rank up in the guild! Feel free to poke around, or ask Perfect/a High Council member for assistance.






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