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    Hello Guys!

    Added a few stuff to make this whole forum posting business that much easier.

    You wanted images to be in the post instead of links. WELL, YOU GOT IT!

    Just click the image button in the toolbar, and paste your url in the box.

    You (never told me, but I bet you really) wanted Signatures!

    That’s right, I said Signatures.

    You can put images, and pretty colored font, and silly little emoji things. I don’t care, it’s all you!

    The only hitch is that it uses bbcode.

    What’s bbCode?

    bbcode is a handy little shortened html code that this forum uses. So instead of something like:

    < img src="randommadeupimageurl">

    It’s more like:

    [ img] RandomCopyAndPastedUrl.jpg [/img]

    It’s a bit simpler, just a little more getting used to. But that’s just for you handy dandy signature.

    If your interested in more bbCode type things, here’s a link:

    bbCode info

    To edit you signature, go to your profile and click edit.

    Alright, If you have any questions, or requests maybe, you can post here and I’ll take a look at it.

    So there you have it!

    I’ll see you guys around.

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    • This topic was modified 3 years ago by Profile photo of Serenity Serenity.
    • This topic was modified 3 years ago by Profile photo of Serenity Serenity.
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    Before I forget, i added another toolbar for posting.
    So you can change colors and post YouTube videos.
    Oh and these! 😛 😳 😉

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    “Last Modified” has been removed from posts that get edited frequently.
    High Council ranked peeps no longer give counsel. Well, we do, but you get the attempt at a joke. (I hope.)
    Our Fearless Leader is once again the only fearless leader, all false titles have been vanquished in the forum.

    As always, let me now what you need done up and about the site. I check back here often.


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    Forums received a bit of a face lift.

    Added a Top Poster sidebar visible on most pages in that handy right sidebar. Hopefully it’ll incite some friendly competition.

    Removed the “Search Forum” and “Login” function from the sidebar. Bossman called it “redundant and pointless“. It is gone.

    Switched around all the sidebar thingies. Better organization and whatnot.

    To peeps who’ve been worried about “sensitive info” under your names, only moderators can see that. 😉

    Working on removing some inactive and spam users from the forums/website as a whole.

    Found some lingering “Impostor Fearless Leaders” about. They have been… taken care of

    High Council Peeps now accurately reflect their titles in the forum and the top contributor section if talkative enough to be there.

    General beautification fixes.

    Random profile images have been given to those deemed “too cool” to have one. 😈

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    Future Updates:
    Extended More Detailed Profiles for those who want it.

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    Max wanted a nifty place to post his videos he recorded of us all. The “Gallery” page on the home page has been changed to “Photos & Videos“.

    To post YouTube videos, just copy & paste the url into the comments page and whatever you’d like to say. BAM! Instant Videos Postage.

    Accidentally vaporized the Guild Emblem on the front page, it has since been restored! 😎

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    I’m 75% 50% 25% 15% awake here, so sorry if things get garbled.

    Fixed comments from other posts from showing on all pages, it was confusing and annoying.

    You can only post “comments” under the video/image page so that everyone can see your lovely videos still.

    You can still posts replies to Perfecxblogs and forums and whatnot, so don’t worry.

    I’m sleepy as hell right now. Please don’t look at the post times for tonight. XD

    It’s a bit embarrassing. Night everyone, if you need me, I’ll be in snuggle town.

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