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Coordinated WvW, May 6th-7th

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    We had our first “coordinated” WvW attempt last night, and it went AMAZING! Everyone was really spot on, on what their job was and how we needed to go about things. I just wanted to post up to not only thank everyone who came out last night, but to also show how amazing we can be in the future. We will continue to grow and learn as a guild, and kick more and more ass as the days/months/years go on. So thanks again everyone, and below I have listed a couple things that were clutch, and a couple things that we could work on. Also, if anyone DOES have a video or stream from last night, or wants to start streams, please let me know. Im very interested.

    Amazing plays:
    – Stacking in the corner by the gen: AMAZING teamwork here. First we killed a bunch of them on the bridge, backed off to restack in our little corner, then we just slowly killed them off one my one. Very good work here.
    – The bridge to our keep: I looooved all the laughter in mumble during this. We stacked up for might and stealth, then bombed the hell out of them on that bridge. SUCH good teamwork. Brought laughter tears to my eyes, hahaha.
    – “What, why do they have golems? Murdering all those golems with ease, backing off to restack and having them chase up, only to ALL get killed. Such good stuff.
    – Not really a play, but starting from the bottom-up. A few weeks ago, we were getting demolished and harassed by small groups, NOT ANYMORE! We did so well last night. We took on 15 v 20, 15 v 30, even entire zergs!
    Things to work on:
    – Stacking might: If we are stacking might, then we need to be placing fire fields ONLY. Nothing else, otherwise we get no might from the blasts. If we have enough guardians, then the fire field is not needed and we can stack something else.
    – When stacking stealth: If we are stacking stealth, and someone throws down a smoke field, and others place their refuge, the refuge will NOT let you blast it for more stealth. One is a smoke field, the other is a dark field. Again, if we have enough thieves, just mass refuge, if not, possibly smoke field for 2-3 seconds, THEN refuge.
    Running in: All frontline members need to be on top of me like there is no tomorrow. We split up and lot, and that can really hurt our backline. When we run in, we aim to kill. We need to run ALL the way in if necessary.
    – We had a few people fall off, or chase off. Gotta be careful! 😛

    A special thanks:
    – Stacking was on point by everyone. Very good job.
    – Backline, your dps was very very good, good job.
    – Frontline, some of the CC was legit. (we just need to stack better going in)
    – For all those that did exactly what i said, when i said it(even if it sounded dumb) Thank you!
    – The fields were on time, and for the most part perfect.
    – Everyone else that I called out during the event for doing a good job(you know who you are) Thanks again!

    Those are just some things i noticed. If anyone noticed anything else, feel free to post up in the comments below.

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