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    This AMA pertains to the meeting on the 18th. If you have not read that post, please do before readying the rest of this one!

    This AMA is for any and all guildies to ask Perfect any question that pops into your mind. I want to TRY and keep this to GW2 related questions, but I know some people will have some questions that are more IRL or personal, which is fine too. Simply post your questions here and ALL questions will be answered when our meeting starts on the 18th. Maximum question count is 3 per person.

    Questions that will not be answered:(if it doesn’t fall in any of these categories, you’re in the clear)
    – No stupid questions: (Example: Whats your social security number… your address… your credit card numbers… etc)
    – No rude questions: (Whos your least favorite person in the guild… Why do you suck… etc)
    – Try to not offend anyone (bashing Religion, bashing Politics, Racism, Sexism, etc…)
    – Try not to ask silly questions (What color shirt are you wearing… What did you have for breakfast…)

    Again, try to keep the questions GW2 related, but if you REALLY wanna know something personal, I have no secrets or nothing to hide, so ask away(assuming you follow the above rules).

    Posting starts now, answering starts on the 18th! So, gogogo!

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    Hey Bossman!

    I plan on attending the meeting tomorrow (even if I can’t talk), but I may not be able to make it as I have a sick, very close family member who may not make it through tomorrow night (hell, he may not make it through tonight, when I’m posting this; I was just informed of this, so bear with me), so I’m just taking precautions. My questions are listed below, and if YOU have any questions for ME, feel free to ask! (You only get three! 😉 ) Anyways, to the questions!

    1) Why did you start Dark Cloud?
    2) How did you come up with the name Dark Cloud for the guild?
    3) If you could travel to any place in the world, where would it be and why? (Hopefully that counts as a question!)

    I hope that you can post the replies to these questions here, as I’ll definitely check back for answers. Thanks again, and sorry in advance if I can’t make it!


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    Blade Eyes

    1) I know you didn’t play Guild Wars 1, so I was wandering what got you interested in to Guild Wars 2?

    2) Are there any other games that you interested in?

    3) Can you swim?

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    1. How do you feel the current high ranking guild members are upholding their obligations and responsibilities as described in the “How to rank up” section of the guild website? “With great power, comes great responsibility”.

    2. Once a guild member has met the requirements for promotion and gets promoted, are they obligated to maintain these requirements or are they “grandfathered in” with no fear of demotion? For example: they become inactive, participate less in guild events, or become less helpful to guild members, etc.

    3. We all have favorites in every aspect of life, whether it is music, movies, food, or even people, they exist and aren’t going away. How do you keep favoritism from coming into play when running a guild with a spouse? (I’m assuming Cassie is a favorite)

    I don’t mean to put you on the spot but I wanted to think of some hard and meaningful questions that the guild as whole was wondering but maybe too timid to ask. As someone who has been logged onto GW2 for 8-12 hours a day for the past couple months, prior to D3’s season 4 release these are what came to mind.

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    Reply to you, Ayami, since you were unable to make the meeting:

    Q: Why did you start Dark Cloud?
    A: I started DC because I’ve grown up seeing how poorly people in power treat others or how poorly I think they run things. I have been an officer of guilds before and had wished I had taken more part. So, I guess the main reason I started DC was to give everyone in my guild the best experience possible, whether they be new or old, good or bad at the game. I like that people can look up to me or ask me questions and I’ll almost always have the answer. I like being in a position of power, but make sure everyone gets their fair share, and a voice.

    Q: How did you come up with the name Dark Cloud for the guild?
    A: We were sitting there trying to come up with a good name, not to serious, but not too silly. So, i went with a reference to the Dark Cloud PS2 game I used to love (highly recommend it to any pirate out there looking for a good game). But yea, pretty straight forward, haha. Didn’t pick a reference IN the game rather THE GAME itself.

    Q: If you could travel to any place in the world, where would it be and why? (Hopefully that counts as a question!)
    A: Ireland. Although i’m not really that big on traveling, i’ve always heard its a beautiful place. I’m also half Irish, so there is a little ancestry there too.

    Bossman: From the latin roots "Bossimus Maximus" or "One who has no life".

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