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    So I’ve taken it upon myself as the unofficial leader of B group (not that anyone is in it with me, but for those of you on the call list/new to the guild or new to raiding, this does apply to you) to go ahead and lead a slightly different schedule for raid nights.

    I understand that a lot of you (like myself) can’t make it to raids simply because you either don’t have the gear or because it’s too late (especially if you’re in a different time zone than the rest of us, which of course is a huge factor).

    Have no fear!

    Starting on Wednesday (official raid night) and every other raid night (Friday and maybe Thursday or Sunday, since those are our off days; I’ll leave that up for you guys to decide), I shall be running raids a bit earlier/later, depending on the day. Below I shall post somewhat of a schedule as to what times (ideally this will not be set in stone, as life happens and I may not be available for that specific time, or others might not be) I will be running them. If I am on, I will be in the game and in mumble, so I will also be reminding you in guild chat.

    I won’t make a list, seeing as I’m not looking for specific comps (although that would be beneficial to the group). As Perfect mentioned, B group is simply for learning mechanics, fun, and relaxation (also prepare to die a lot. XD), as well as not being timed (meaning we won’t be raiding for four hours or until we get a certain boss down) so this is all COMPLETELY OPTIONAL.The only thing I do ask is that we get at least 8 people, if not 10. I understand it’s hard to get that many, so even if we have 7 I’ll be ecstatic.

    Thanks for sticking with me this far! Now to the important part! The schedule!

    Wednesday: Same as guild schedule. Make sure you enter Raid 2 in Mumble
    Thursday: Optional- between 7-8 PM EST, and go from there. Raid 2 in Mumble
    Friday: 10:30-11 PM EST, depending on what time I get home from work. Should be no later than 11 EST Raid 2 in Mumble
    Sunday: Optional- 9:30-10 PM EST Raid 2 in Mumble

    Okay, that’s it! If you’re interested, please reply to this comment so that I know who might actually show up. If not, you might get some random whispers from me! Thanks again so much for taking the time to read this post all the way to the end! 🙂

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