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Zuppin's Summer Gaming Catchup

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    Greetelings! I have determined that I have missed a massive amount of games over the years that people deem as their “favorite” or near favorite game of all time. Since I graduate high school this year and I play a large amount of games over the summer I have decided that I want to experience the games the other members of the guild cherish from their past or childhood.

    Rules for posting
    – No more than 3 games
    – Games, not series, Pick your favorite
    – rank them from 1 to 3 in order of played preference
    – able to be accessed easily or by emulator
    – preferably pre PS3/XBOX 360 Era


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    Jak and Daxter: Precursor Legacy

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    Second the Jak and Daxter series, as well as Ratchet and Clank series. Both playstation console games, ps1/ps2. Legend of Zelda, ALL of them. if u play one, must play them all.

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    Metal Gear Solid: 3 Snake Eater
    Fire Emblem Path of Radiance
    Resident Evil 4

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    Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. They’re the good Legend of Zelda games for the GBC. Order here doesn’t matter so much since they’re two halves of the same game, essentially. Whichever you complete first gives you a code to carry over into the other game. Ages is more puzzle-oriented, which I enjoyed a lot more, whereas Seasons is more based off of being good at combat. I’m still working on my Seasons playthrough, but I’m loving it.

    Finally, there’s Bravely Default. It’s by Square Enix. This game and I have a love/hate relationship. It’s fantastic, and I loved the story, even though it’s a story that you can see coming. You can change the difficulty at will through the game with no penalty, so it’s good that way. I played medium for about half of the game, which provided me with a pretty good challenge, and then I switched to hard. Its combat system’s a lot of fun, and it makes you think about how you’re going to play rather than just facerolling through it (until you break the game wide open). (By the way, you’ll need to break the game wide open). (The game cheats). (It’s at least up front about cheating, though). The jobs and skills you get allow for an insane amount of customization in your party. Don’t go Frenetic Fighting, though. It’s shit even when built properly around.

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    1) Dark Cloud: Has more of a nostalgic game for me than anything, many years spent replaying this game. It has a decent story, amazing addictive gameplay, and the best music ive ever heard in any game up-to-date. No joke. Many hours sitting just listening to the music on repeat, and i still do all the time. Very fun rpg style dungeon crawler. Zelda esc, but more focus on the leveling/grinding/crawler aspects.
    2) Bioshock(the original): Amazing gameplay, amazing story, and one of the best twist endings ever. Had a wonderful experience with this one. Gotta play super late, with lights off, helps the eerie feel(its not really a scary game, just very eerie).
    3) Diablo 2: D1 and D2 both had an awesome story to begin with. The class system customization was endless, literally. I played the game off and on for 8 years, and yet peole kept coming up with new builds or ways to play. The online experience was one of a kind, and im sad you probably wont be able to replicate that, but at least the solo gameplay was still top of the charts. Very good game, and its right up your ally with you already liking Diablo 3 and you background in Fantasy style/D&D like dungeon crawlers.

    If you have played any/all of these, my 4th choice would be Deadspace. Deadspace was an awesome game by itself, eerie, good story, solid 3rd person shooter gameplay. The best thing about the experience though, was playing the second one after. Dont get me wrong, the first one was great, but having already played it, the second is soooo much more fun. If you havent played the first, dont ruin the second.

    P.S. I know how much you say you like vibrant colors, and im the polor opposite. All the games i tend to like are very dark. Hope you like some of my choices.

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    Kenn Kenn

    If you are looking for story focused games, then has to be final fantasy.
    I, personally, never played a lot of Final Fantasy games except Crisis Core and few others.
    The one I really like is Diablo games. I think all three games have good stories and awesome single player gameplays. Other than Diablo, I don’t really have any other games to recommend.

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    1) Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
    2) Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
    3) Metroid Prime
    (All Gamecube)

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