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Hello my fellow guildies!
As you may have noticed by the message of the day(the past couple days) Many changes are to be made to the guild and the way I would like to shape the guild for the future. This is a basic rundown of how things are going to go in the next couple days. Details or complete descriptions may be left out(as this is basically a huge fucking rant) so feel free to ask questions or skim the TL:DRs if you don’t want to read my novel. Thanks.

Disclaimer: First things first… I just want to start off by saying, it’s been great. This guild has been thriving since the first day it was created(first 5 minutes of GW2 Headstart). We have had our ups and downs, drama, problem people, fallouts, etc… but we have also had amazing events, fun, the best guildies anyone could ask for, and a fun comfortable atmosphere. With that said, id like to give everyone a heads up of what is to come.

Roster Size: TL:DR – I’m kicking 50+ people, actives have no fear!
– That’s right! Our roster size is about to take a dive. I don’t want to be known as the guild that has 100-200 people in guild, and literally 3 people show up to events. So that’s going to change. I am going to start by kicking over 50 people. Those being kicked first are guildies that you can hardly call guildies. These people haven’t signed on in months(some have been offline over half a year!). These people haven’t repped, popped in mumble, or come to a single event since they joined. If you are reading this post, then you have approximately 0% chance of getting kicked. If you cared enough to rep, log on regularly, or read my posts, you have nothing to fear. All else beware!

Promotions/Demotions: TL:DR – Lots of promotions/demotions. Rank = prestige and will mean something. Ranks will fluctuate.
– I want to make it MEAN something to be a Champion vs a Master vs High Council. Right now it doesn’t mean much other than how long you’ve been in the guild. From now on that will change as well. Since the guild is going to be much smaller, it will be much easier for me to keep an eye on ranks. I will be making it so each rank up is significant. More permissions, more prestige… but simply a thank you and a sign of trust, not to put you over other people of lower ranks. There will be no power abused here! Futhermore, I will be both promoting and demoting a good share of guildies left after the “kickings”. Those inactive will be demoted. Those active will be promoted. Those who are helpful, go above and beyond, and just a good example of what [DC] stands for will hold the highest of ranks in our guild. Those brand new or less active will be in the lower ranks.

Representing: TL:DR You need to rep 90% of the time as our rule says, there are exceptions, but they are not to be abused! Just rep, please!
– In the past I have been EXTREMELY relaxed when it comes to enforcing our representation rules. I will still be understanding and semi-relaxed, but standards are being raised. I will be enforcing our 90% rep rule. What does this mean? It means you need to rep us as your MAIN guild… not “oh yea DC, i went to their missions once”, or a side guild that you turn the chat off as you don’t rep. Our community understands that you have other places to be and aren’t restrained to only [DC], but we want to be as tight-knit as possible, get to know one another, and build a great home for all active members. What does 90% mean exactly? It means that I would like all members to rep at all times(with some exceptions listed below:)
– Personal guild bank = OK to rep when withdrawing/depositing items in said bank
– Couple only Guilds = Let’s say you and the Mr/Mrs have a guild for only you two. This guild is ok rep while doing nothing guild related(assuming you have our chat turned on, should we start an event/want to talk to you.)
– Side IRL Friend guilds = Should you be currently doing an event with friends and such, it is ok to rep, otherwise, you can have their chat turned on and rep us. /g1, /g2 is great! Use it!
– Last exception = If I never have issues with said individual, they make all events, pop in mumble constantly, and are extremely active, I will look the other way, should you rep less than 90%. This exception isn’t to be taken lightly. Don’t abuse it.

Officer status: TL:DR My officers are awesome and need to act as such! I will be going down to 2 officers for the time being, and will go back to 3 when the time comes.
– Officer status hasn’t meant more than “Hey, can you run this event for me, i’m not going to be able to make it tonight”, I want that to change. My officers will be need to be as active as I am, make all events possible, rep 100% of the time, and help me out as much as they possibly can. That is what it means to be an officer. You are an extent of my “management” You hold the highest seat in the guild roster, and thus, responsibility comes with it. Next, My officers are here to help. Please feel free to message/mail them with any in-game or guild concerns, I ensure you they are well capable of answering them. Lastly, after long contemplation I have decided just for the time being, to drop down to 2 guild officers. I will add another should the time come that I both require another officer and have one in guild that I see fit. I will not say who I am removing, as I am not doing so to embarrass them. That being said, do everything the guild needs of you to help them out and make everything run smoothly!

Recruiting: TL:DR Help us recruit, but don’t recruit jackasses!
– That’s right! With our roster shrinking tremendously, we will need to refill the ranks! Please help out myself and the officers in recruiting! We want all active and friendly players. New or old, does not matter, although it does matter you judge them accordingly. Don’t invite the guy being an asshat in /map, or the guy with the account name “penis69420”. Use your best judgement to find us some good guildies. We want people who enjoy what we enjoy… which is GW2 and a fun community! Tell them what we run eventwise, and what we don’t. “Do you like Guild WvW, Guild Raids, Guild Missions, and fun events over VOIP? You’re in the right place!” “Do you like competitive sPVP teams, trolling map chat, or being part of a very large guild with cliches? You’re in the wrong place bub!”

Catering to guildies needs: TL:DR I can’t please everyone all the time, just most people most of the time. Thats what i aim for. Come to all our events and see if you can re/discover new love for a game mode you didnt know you had.
– I understand that not everyone likes Raids, or that everyone likes WvW, or hell, maybe there are some of you who hate missions… The point is, as a guild leader, I try to branch out as much as possible in the sense that I want to cater to everyone’s individual needs. There are only so many days in a week, and so many events I can make, so chances are, if you dont like open world PvE, WvW, or Raids, youll be shit out of luck at least 1 day a week. That being said… I want [DC] to feel like a family. I don’t want to have people segregated by who Raids and who doesn’t or who enjoys WvW and who doesn’t. You don’t like WvW? Come try it with us, I bet we can make it fun! Hammers in the mist! WvW guild missions! Coordinated group play that makes every person count to overcome our enemies! Not mindlessly zerging! Or hey, you haven’t been to raids before, or maybe you have but aren’t in the “main raid group”. Show up on Wednesday or Saturday and come learn/show us what you got! We will take you in main raid should you prove yourself, or take you on teaching night if you just wanna have fun in raid with us or see what all the hype is about. All events are made to be fun. Bottom line, if our events are not fun to you, let me know and if there is anything i can do to change that. GW2 is a game, and we are here to make your experience better.

Bossman wants your input: TL:DR Really? You dont need a damn TL:DR for this one.
– Every decision I make has consequences and with those consequences should come feedback. Let me know if you like the way the guild is running. Let me know if you want to see a different style of event, or a new event entirely. I promise i’m listening. With that being said, i’m going to be coming up with a vast array of events that not only I have come up with, but my great community has as well.
– Events to come just as of this post:
– Guild Jump Puzzle Race(in the hall and out of the hall)
– Scavenger Hunt
– Cards Against Humanity [DC] style! Yes, that’s right, I’m making a deck for our guild only to use!

In Closing: TL:DR Hello 2 people that have read this entire post, how was your day?
– [DC] is and always will be the best damn guild in all of GW2. I want to thank you all for all your hard work and dedication to making this guild so fucking amazing. I hope you enjoy the direction we are taking, and hope you all stay for the ride. In the coming year, we are only going to improve in the way we run things, and our community will only be strengthened. 50 active/repping members attending guild events is better to me than a 500 guild capped roster where 10 people show up, and most never log in or rep. If we need to go small, then thats what we will do. If we can go and stay tight and active, then so be in. Whatever happens, happens. We will be a family regardless. Thanks again for reading my rant – *Perfect out!*

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    Sep 19, 2016 @ 17:43 pm

    First! memes lel,

    But in all seriousness, its good too see these changes, I was getting a little dismayed at the lack of turnouts, even from when I started with the guild,I want the days to come back when before our Guild was extremely active, always having discussions in guild chat, being able to ask if people want to do fractals/wvw/ect and having more than 0-1 people respond. I want to see DC be the well renowned Guild on CD.I’ll be drafting up a recruitment copy pasta in order to get some new blood in the guild- as well as being more active if I can even do so.


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    Sep 20, 2016 @ 0:07 am

    THis post is missing the “Panda is being promoted to Fearless Leader!” part 😛

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