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New Guild Event Schedule!


Your voices were heard during our guild meeting, held on 3/21/17. Here is the new Guild Event Schedule, as seen on the main page!


Monday: [Random Event]  7pm PST, 10pm EST, 2am Server

Tuesday: [Raid] 7pm PST, 10pm EST, 2am Server

Wednesday: [Guild Missions] 7pm PST, 10pm EST, 2am Server

Thursday: [Raid] 9pm PST, 12pm EST, 4am Server

Friday: [WvW Night] 10pm PST, 1am EST, 5am Server

Saturday: [Zup’s Unofficial Night] 8pm PST, 11pm EST, 3am Server

Sunday: Off Day! No Event!


Thanks everyone who showed up and voiced their opinions!

Acientgear- “2 raid nights”

Cata- “Move WvW back to Friday”

Disast- “Earlier raids”

Kayley- “Cant make late times” (Random event now make-a-ble, hopefully?)

Rager Death- “Raids too late, possible second raid group/raid day”

Sciger- “wants to get into fractals/raids, doesnt like PvP/WvW as much” (1 less WvW night)

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