Upcoming News!

The Ban Hammer Returns!


Starting 8/30:

Attention everyone! DC will be having its annual “purge” of the ranks and it’s members in it. What does this mean?:
– Perfect will be making a list, and checking it twice. Those not active, or unwilling to rep(especially during guild events) will be removed from the roster.
– If you do not attend any guild events or expess any interest in the guild, you will be removed.
– If you never represent the guild, especially during guild events, you may be removed.
– If you are inactive of upwards of 3+ months, you will be removed(Sign in on those alt-accounts if you dont want them removed too!)

– Yes this has been posted on the Guild Discord.
– If you should be abesnt for a long period during this time, Let Perfect know and you will be skipped over, and remain in the guild.
– Yes some people will be promoted and demoted again, just like we did pre-HoT.


If you have any further questions, feel free to let me know!

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