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WvW Meta Builds!


Heyo everyone! I am back, and sorry i didn’t post them sooner, but here are the WvW/GvG meta builds!
This was taken out of my personal notes directly. Sorry for any confusion, and id be happy to answer any/all questions you might have!

Guardian: AH Frontline
Guardian: Merciful Frontline

– Power, 2 variants: AH Frontline/Merciful Frontline
– durability runes
– Soldiers/Mauraders > Soldiers > Nomads(T/V/HP)
– Focus on being the focal point. You are the melee, you are the reason everything works. Stick on tag! Rez everyone!
AH Pros:
– Perma swiftness, 25 stacks of might goijng into fight
– Best souce of stab in game, great cleanse
– incredible CC
– Together, insane dps
– Tankiest class by nature, can take more risks
AH: Cons:
– Need lots of know-how(when to res, when to use CDs)
MF Pros:
– Higher personal surivival
– insane team sustain
– fastest ressing in the game
MF Cons:
– No swiftness/might gen
– No cleanse

Frontline Sustain/Support Herald
– Power, wanderers/soldiers(Mallax + Glint or Jalis)
– Extremely high sustain(2nd best)
– Resistance bot(only one, basically)
– Amazing boons with Glint or amazing damage reduction/stability gen with Jalis
– No stability without Jalis(other than dodge)
– slightly less tankier than a guard, in the same line of work

Frontline DPS War

– Pure power dps, Marauder’s (Pack or durability runes)
– Focus on generating downs, abuse EP/DP, force repositioning, scared of bomb/force cooldowns
– Get away with being super greedy(invulnx2), tons of stability/stun breaks
– one of the best in-fight movespeed
– extremely high skill-cap
– may be forced to go tankier, thus need a new build, such as shoutwarrior

– 1/2 mintrels/nomads (vit/tough/HP/conc)
– focus on support, heals, waters, rebound/saves, make frontline invinsible
– unparalleled healing
– extremely good waters/support
– Boonbot(HEAT SYNC)
– Allows greedy plays, dont worry about red circles
– extremely squishy, forced to go tanky gear
– need very good play to stay afloat though mistakes

Condi Reaper

– Condi, Trailblazer’s(Tough,Condi dmg, Vit, Exp)
– Anti-toxin runes(something of that nature)
– Focuses on single target condi stacking > spread via epi/Corrupt boon, focus panic/cooldowns
– Better the smaller the fight
– Insane single target pressure
– High survivability if not focused
– Low survivablity if focused
– Little to no stability
– extremely selfish with boons

Example Support Mesmer
– Any build can work for mesmer, just ask your commander what is needed, or play along support-like, and defensivly
– Power, Wanderer’s/Soldiers, stealth opener, portal bombs, utility, single target damage spike
– Only one who can veil or port bomb
– great single target dps
– Gravity well!!!
– 0 AoE outside of wells
– Very squishy, always focused(use to advantage?)
– No Stab, Not much cleanse, cant get caught.

Druid Frontline Healer
– Healer, 1/2 Mintrels/Nomads(Vit/Tough/HP/Conc)
– Monk runes, focuses on healing/cleansing frontline, support central, damage buffs
– Damage buffs youd never get without druids. (GoTL, Spotter, etc.)
– Insane healing potential
– stealth field
– Extremely squishy, therefore tankiest gear possible + defensive utlities, very careful with placement
– 0 damage, quite literally
– very little stability

Frontline Engi
– Power, Soldiers(durability)
– focuses on interupting, sticky, support, teamwork, heavy single target fire.
– Better the smaller the fights
– extremely good at securing downs
– great support via stealth(downs), reflects, water field, pulls(unblockable)
– rez or finish via gyro
– little to no AoE pressure
– selfish boonwise(other than gyros/elixers)

Staff Thief DPS

This build i created myself, with help of a GvG video from BeyondB
– Power, Valkyries(Power,vit,ferocity)(daredevil runes)
– focus on generating downs, annoyance, spam damage, heavy aoe, quick stomp
– extremely high damage(sub for warrior), more damage, safer stomps than war
– pressure on downed enemies is unparalleled
– takes focus off necro(everyone wants to down you)
– extremely easy to reset
– Condis DESTROY you(need cleanse from guards/auramancer/herald resist)
– squishy as all hell, keep dodging!
– position improperly, and its GG

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