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Yet Another Guild Meeting!


The Questionaire given to all meeting attendies:

– What specifically made you join DC?
– What do you wanna see more of, out of the guild?
– What is your favorite game-mode to play with the guild?
– If you could change 1 thing about how the guild operates, what would it be?
– Compliment one of your guildies(anyone in DC) on something they do for the guild, showing them it doesnt go unnoticed.
– Final words.

Summary of all Guildie responses to questionaire:

Garrg – Joined the guild both in and for WvW, he loves doing WvW with the guild, He would like to thank Banana for her DJ skills and being the only one with a set-up and ready to go playlist in time for DJ in the Lab. Also likes spvp, so if you want to run some Conquest/Stronghold, hit him up!
Kayley – Banana made her join(thanks Banana!) Likes the way the guild runs, but cant stay up too late, and thus misses some events. She would like to thank Ayami for doing anything asked of her for the guild. Also, she would like to thank Niyatta for always comes to everything, and should be ranked up.(Spoiler alert: She was!)
Lepto – Zodiac invited her and Sheepy for doing raiding in a non-elitest manner. Mostly interested in Guild missions/Raids, like to do the rest solo-play. She doesn’t like that it still takes forever to start raids. She agrees that we need to recruit more. She likes that it’s not fair that we wait on guildies for 30+ mins that may or may not come, or that some guildies that do come are “carried” to an extent. She also, wants to thank Perfect for leadership skills in raids.
Niyatta – Joined the guild to get away from toxicity of most players. She wants to see more people in mumble. She likes PvE the most out of the game-modes, and would like to thank Lepto for the raid carry.
Panda – Joined for raiding mainly. He wants to see people be on time for events, and also likes all game modes. He will do anything the guild is doing at the time. He would also like to thank Lepto for the raid carry, and Perfect for being the voice of the guild. He thinks the Officers need to step up more. He suggests letting an officer lead while Perfect still participates, shadowing their command.
Perfect – He created the guild in his own image. He wanted to see a guild thrive on community and events. Took out everything he hated in other guilds, and added his own spice of casual community in both fun/challenging content. He loves to see the guild strive in all aspects(hence the meeting). He can’t choose one game-mode, but rather loves Raids and WvW. He has an endless list of people he wants to thank, but just to name a few; Lepto for helping co-raid lead, all officers current and passed for helping behind the scenes, or run events, Banana for her attendance as well as giving her all to the guild, and lastly Zuppin for always being there and trying to actively improve the guild
Serenity – A friend made her join the guild against her will(and loved us!) She misses recruitment and new faces, Guildies used to be more driven to recruit and she wants to see that change. Also, suggests a reward system for those who recruit. Her favorite game-mode is PvE, but more specifcially random events with guildies, such as dungeons/goofing off, etc… She admits that she needs to be more active. Suggests a possible addition to the officer roster. Lastly, she wants to revamp the guild site, making it fun and easy to use.
Yoshi – He joined the guild as the last of a dying breed(PA fallout/refugee). He likes raiding and raiding only. Of course, he wants to see more raids. Also, believes we need to start recruiting more and make them wanna stay(more interesting events). He complimented Zuppin for his attendance to events, and also being his twin. Also, grumble grumble grumble.
Zuppin – He wanted to join “A” guild, so DC was his first. He saw Blade’s recruitment message and it said we did WvW on CD, so he joined. The guild is not as active as it once was, and he wants to see that change. He wants more game players and less event-goers only. He wants people to show up to events, but also, just play! WvW is his favorite game-mode. He wants to see more activity in the guild as well as possibly expanding guild upgrades or even guild decoration privileges.

All Changes to be made. Coming soon to a guild near you!

– Event Count! The event count will be moving from 6-5 for most weeks, with the exception of a random event we wouldn’t otherwise run, or the second raid wing coming out. This change was made to improve the quality of events planned, instead of being crammed, as well as giving people an extra day off so they don’t feel rushed in having to make it to a guild event every single day. *Subject to change at any point*
– Guild recruitment! [DC] is recruiting, and we need your help! We want to bolster our active community in a positive way. We are recruiting all community driven players. More specifically with Guild participation in mind. A reward system is in motion, more specifics soon!
– Raid events will be starting on time! Unless notice is given before-hand, raids will be starting without you! It’s not fair that others wait, and pugs will be taken in place of those who give no notice. We can’t wait for those who show late and don’t bother to tell anyone. Give us a heads up, and we will start up, adding you in when you arrive.
– Bossman and the officers will be more active! What does this mean? More shit will get done! Rest assured.
– Knight rank can now guild invite! Invite those friends and family member! We need more awesome guildies! Dont abuse it!
– Guild Mission to upgrade the hall! Before guild missions each week, we will discuss what we are currently working on as a guild to get our maxed out, awesome guild hall. Please participate!
– WvW improvements Guildies have taken more of a liking to WvW, and as such, i’d like to make improvements!
#1: Helping with builds/play-styles that better fit the specifics needs, with a guild zerg-busting mentality in mind.
#2: No one likes dying constantly, thus, i’d like for more WvW guildies to play to the current meta. Play your part in raid! It’s fun , i promise!
#3: If you can’t afford gear or need help with anything WvW related, ask a guildie! We will help you.
– New and improved random events! Since we are cutting down on the amount of events from 24ish a month to 20ish a month, I would like to start a hype train behind new guild random events! They will be back in full swing and better than ever. A few examples: Guild Hall Decoration Night. Scavenger Hunt Night. Open-World Event Night. Just to tease a few… stay tuned!
– Giveaways/raffles/prizes! – We will be starting all of the above soon! Stay tuned for details!
– Time to Represent! We are going to start enforcing our 90%/majority rep! If you never rep, expect a whisper! We are still allowing you to rep other guild from time to time as long as we are your main guild, all other beware!
– Everything else has been taken into consideration and will come up again at another time.

– Thanks everyone for the input and all you do for the guild! Also, hi 3 people that made it to the bottom of the post! 😀

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